Going Digital

Many brands today have left traditional branding, and have decided to use digital branding to create a name for themselves. Traditional branding is slowly being replaced by online branding. Digital branding can occur in many ways, and on many different platforms. A lot of brands use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to market their own brand. This can happen through email marketing, websites, viral promotion and different places on line. It’s not a secret that digital branding facilitates more recognition, and in that way more and more brands use this type of marketing.

Today, most of us are on social media in some form, and spend a lot of our time there. We choose who we want to follow on social media based on our interests and personalities. Some people choose to follow fashion or cosmetic brands, some follow celebrities and some follow sports stars. This gives the brands a great way to influence their consumers just by sharing well thought out posts on social media. In this way, the brands don’t have to worry about targeting their audience or getting consumers interested. If a brand already has many followers it is obvious that it has a lot of people interested. What’s left to do is create posts that entertain, influence and keeps the consumer attracted.

© Copyright – It Social Media – 2014

For fashion brands the use of social media platforms can be something more than just a fun way to promote their brand. It can be used in a great socially strategic way, especially for big events such as fashion week. To create a social campaign for big events such as fashion week, helps promote the brand enormously and engage future consumers. For example, for consumers the dream of being in the front row of a runway show can now be real both through Instagram and Snapchat. It also gives a good glimpse of what is happening backstage. This is the type of strategy that creates a brand and engages their followers. A lot of the big fashion brands have turned to social media, and created Instagram accounts that quickly gain thousands of followers. During big events, big brands like “Victoria’s Secret” and “Burberry” often give their models and celebrities a chance to take over the brand’s account, which creates an even bigger “buzz” around the brand.

© Glam Observer by Giada Graziano 2016

Most brands these days are often to be found on social media. Using social media platforms right, a brand can gain a lot of benefits from it. Creating a positive digital image is supposed to reflect the company’s success. It is therefore important to use it in such a way, that brands can gain a positive outcome and make it part of their strategic plan. Digital branding gives the brands a chance to keep the core values of the brand, and at the same time directly reach out to their audience.
Do you think traditional branding will fade out and digital branding take over?


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